We at Amery Memory Care understand emotions families experience and how important human kindness plays in helping you and your love one decide what is best for all of you. Your loved one’s dignity is our cornerstone for providing high quality care. We support the choices you and your loved one make as you travel along your unique memory care journey. We are here to help you rest easy, knowing you and your family have chosen one of the finest memory care providers available. Our team members are expertly trained in memory care. Consistency in care giving teams provides familiarity and predictability to the lives of our residents. We enable families to spend quality time with their loved ones. High quality day-to-day care provides you with peace of mind. You’ll know you have made the right choice as you see your loved one is well cared for in all aspects of their lives. Amery Memory Care is committed to providing "person-centered" care to meet specific needs of each individual. Alzheimer’s and related dementia memory care based on their unique preferences and historical patterns helps them feel safe.